America News Update: Thousands Urged To ‘Self-Quarantine’ Across America as Statistician Warns Numbers Don’t Add Up


With new countries coming forward confirming cases of infected and experts casting doubt on China’s claims about the virus, it looks like we have yet to see how bad this outbreak really is.


As health officials ask thousands to quarantine across the United States, a respected statistician is going public with dire claims that COVID-19 data doesn’t look right at all.

The American quarantines come as deadly coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in several other nations.

In California, where diseases already have an easy time moving around cities thanks to unsanitary conditions and a large homeless population, more than 5,400 people have been asked by the state health department to quarantine themselves.

In Washington state, over 700 are being monitored for possible coronavirus infections.

Georgia, Illinois, and New York are among other states with hundreds of potential cases being watched by officials.

This is a major increase in possible cases that comes after the administration of President Donald Trump ordered a historical quarantine to combat the novel coronavirus.

As we’ve seen in China and aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, even strict quarantines may not be as effective as officials think.

One expert even warned that the “quarantine process failed” aboard the ship, fanning fears that the virus may have gone airborne or could be easily transmitted in some other way.

Despite COVID-19’s seemingly highly infectious nature, the Chinese government is reporting a slowdown of new infections. According to one statistician, the data that has been pouring out of the communist country doesn’t look right at all.

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